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Women Define Financial Success Differently

Did you know that only 16% of all Financial Advisors are women?

This is a shockingly low number when 90% of all women will be solely responsible for their finances at some point in their life. Yet, many leave their financial advisor’s office feeling patronized when they ask questions and with little understanding of what’s going on with their own money.

If they go in with their husband, many advisors talk only to the husband, barely acknowledging the spouse is even in the room. This would explain why 80% of women leave their advisor after a divorce or the death of a spouse.

Sharon is on a mission to change all of that. As a woman, a business owner, a wife, stepmother and a grandmother, Sharon knows how many directions a woman can be pulled in a day. She understands that women want someone they feel comfortable asking questions to and someone who will give them straightforward answers they can understand. Someone who cares.

Sharon also knows that women measure financial success differently and want different things from their money. While men tend to be more performance-oriented, women are more comfortable with a plan. They recognize they must invest for the long-term, but they also want their money to provide them with the flexibility to achieve shorter-term goals. Most importantly, women want their money to give them the freedom of choice both now and in the future.

Sharon helps women navigate life-changing events. If you’re changing jobs, received an inheritance, going through a divorce or recently widowed, Sharon helps you sort through what has to be done, giving you the confidence you need to make good financial decisions. She believes every woman deserves that.

If you’ve been searching for a financial partner who is a woman, who understands you as a woman, one who cares about you as a person and wants to teach you, empower you and help you navigate your financial life, schedule a Sit-Down with Sharon. It’ll be like meeting an old friend and catching her up on your life.

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