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Investing for Retirement

Sharon truly enjoys helping!

Sharon enjoys helping successful professionals, happy pre-retirees, and retirees plan for retirement.

Sharon knows her clients lead active and busy lives. Many of her clients are experts in their professions and have no desire to handle their investments. Numerous other clients are retired and want to enjoy retirement. They partner with Sharon to help them plan and invest their money. They understand that managing their investments is more complicated and time-consuming than ever before. Sharon works to simplify your financial life and provide you with confidence and peace of mind.

Sharon is passionate about helping her clients plan and invest for their Dreamed-Of Retirement using her proprietary Your Retirement GPS™ Process. Sharon follows a disciplined approach to balance risk and return. She believes in educating clients and enabling them to make informed decisions.

Sharon’s Your Retirement GPS™ is her proprietary Retirement Planning Process—your roadmap to Your Dreamed-Of Retirement. While visiting with you Sharon:

1. Asks questions, answers questions and listens. Sharon’s clients are like family to her. She wants to know all about you, your family, what’s important to you, the retirement lifestyle you envision and when you’d like to retire.

2. Determines your current financial location. Sharon’s next step is to review your current investment portfolio, your 401(k) or 403(b), your IRA accounts, Social Security and how much money you’re putting toward your retirement savings now.

3. Explains risk because risk determines the route you’ll take to retirement. When using a GPS system, there’s always more than one way to get to your desired destination. When traveling, some people may prefer to take safe Interstate all the way to their destination even though it may take longer. Other people may opt for riskier two-lane country roads, so they arrive sooner. Sharon believes it’s important that clients understand risk so she can determine your true risk tolerance.

4. She goes to work developing Your Retirement GPS™, plotting out the most appropriate route to get you from your current financial location to your Dreamed-Of Retirement. She will develop an asset allocation strategy customized specifically for you with the goal of maximizing returns while minimizing risk and volatility.

5. In your follow-up meeting, Sharon explains Your Retirement GPS™ in detail. She explains why she chose a specific route for you. She answers all your questions and keeps answering them until you understand how your investments will work together to help you reach your goals. She also shows you how different financial decisions and spending habits today could have an impact on your retirement tomorrow.

When Sharon Says She Answers Your Questions, She Means All of Them…

Here are just some of the questions she frequently answers for clients as part of Your Retirement GPS™ Retirement Planning Process:

  • How much money will I need to live at ease in retirement?
  • What can I do to receive more from my investments?
  • How can I reduce the risk in my portfolio?
  • What are the benefits of rolling over my 401(k) to a Self-Directed IRA?
  • How can I use my contributions to my 401(k), 403(b) and/or IRA to help reduce my tax bill for the year?
  • What is the best way for me to reach my retirement savings goals?
  • How can I save money to help pay for college?
  • What are some ways for me to reduce estate taxes and leave more of what I have acquired to my heirs?
  • Is my life insurance adequate for my needs?

Many expenses are often seriously underestimated by people planning for retirement. Be sure to get Sharon’s free e-guide, The 7 Retirement Expenses People Underestimate, to be sure you’re not overlooking or underestimating key expenses in your retirement planning. Don’t delay in setting up Your Retirement GPS™.

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